About the Centre for Food Planet and Health

The centre has been set up by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in partnership with Centre for Public Systems Management (CPSM) - LBSNAA with the objective to inculcate in officers (the young officers entering the civil services as well as other mid-level and senior officers) the competence to think and act in a holistic manner and promote policies and actions on food that are healthy, for both, people and planet.
The centre will introduce comprehensive training modules in the courses run by CPSM-LBSNAA (such as Induction Training to Civil Servants, MCTP, other specialized programs e.g. for Municipalities, etc.) on sustainable food systems and measures to promote safe and healthy food, thereby improving the health and well being of citizens.
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Centre for Food, Planet and Health

At the Centre for Food Planets and Health, the courses are designed to deliver trainings that fulfil a unique value proposition, based on the following three cornerstones:

Role model education

Sessions are delivered by ‘Role models’, inspiring participants to strive for excellence and exposing them to specific attitudes, lifestyles and outlook, and, in particular, to individuals in which these attitudes and lifestyles are embodied.

Training with impact

Sessions are designed to be conducted in such a way so as to create long lasting impact, with emphasis on both theoretical and practical learning or approaches.

Supporting journey towards healthier lifestyle

Courses are tailored to promote long-term changes towards building lifestyle changes with a motto of being 'role model for the society' moving from advocacy to action.The sessions are carved to inculcate values, behaviours and practices that set the standard and example for others to follow. .