S. No. Topic Duration
Session 1 Introduction to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
-Genesis of FSSAI
-Structure and function of FSSAI
-Food Safety and Standard Act
- Standards Role of State and Central Authority
-Food Safety Officer
-Designated Officer
-Food Safety Commissioner
-Registration and Licensing Procedure Laboratory Network, Hand Holding & Capacity building of lab professionals
-Laboratory Network
-Food Safety on Wheels
  20 minutes    20 minutes   20 minutes
 Session 2 Eat Right India Movement
  1. Eat Safe
  2. Hygiene (Personal and Surrounding)
  3. Safe Cooking Practices
  4. Combating adulteration
  5. Eat Healthy
  6. Balanced Diet
  7. Food Fortification
  8. Reducing consumption of foods high in Fat, Sugar and Salt
  9. Eliminating Trans Fats
  10. Eat Sustainably
  11. No Food Waste
  12. Repurpose Used Cooking Oil
-FSSAI Initiatives
  1. Food Safety
  3. Hygiene Rating
  4. Cluster Certification
  5. Safety & Quality of Milk
  6. Eat Right Catering
  7. Food Safety Magic Box
  8. Eat Right School
  9. Eat Right Campus Certification 
  1. Healthy Food
  2. Reduce Fat Salt Sugar
  3. Trans-fat free
  4. Food Fortification
  5. Diet4Life Program
  6. Organic Food Certification
  1. Sustainability
  2. No Food Waste
  3. Safe & Sustainable Food Packaging
  4. Repurpose Used Cooking Oil
  20 minutes    

40 minutes
Session 3 Eat Right in everyday life
-    Experience sharing and Case studies by State Food Safety Commissioners
60 minutes